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The different types of waste for rolloff jobs

Great Plains Disposal, LLC in Oswego, Kansas offers hauling and transportation services for all kinds of waste. Whether you need us to take away large rolloffs full of debris or small ones filled with recyclables, we are the company to call. Some of the waste we address include:

  • Construction rolloff Rate - lumber, roofing, carpet, siding, footings, yard debris, wooden furniture
  • Garbage rolloff Rate - household misc materials. food waste, old feed, electronics, moldy agriculture seeds, everything above mentioned under Construction rate (note. Construction can be thrown into a garbage roll off, but not vice versa)
  • Recycling rolloff Rate - metal of the specified category. MUST be all metal, if there is anything that is not metal, then the load will have to be dumped at a landfill because we do not separate materials
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